PESOTO is a fast evolving company engaged in the delivery of goods from the USA to various countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company Pesoto was established in 2011. The idea was very simple - to create a convenient and high-quality service for the fast delivery of goods from the United States. In 2012, the Pesoto warehouse in Delaware, USA, started to work. The founders of the company set out to build the work so that the client was satisfied and the use of services was always a positive experience.

To date, Pesoto has established the delivery of goods from the United States to Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The number of parcels delivered in 2015 exceeded the figure of 1 000 000 pieces and is constantly growing.

We have developed a simple pricing system, so the shipping cost can always be calculated in advance. We offer a number of additional services - some of them are paid and some are free, which allow to fulfill all of our clients wishes during the delivery process.

The company’s employees have an individual approach to each client and manage to find the most efficient solution on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your interest in our services!

For any questions, please call: +387 61 977 833

Also, we are available for contact through our website chat, Facebook and Instagram page, or viber/whatsapp apps.

You can also contact us on our e-mail address: info-ba@pesoto.com


Shipping costs:   0.0 – 3.0 kg - 15.00 USD per kg

   3.1 – 5.0 kg - 14.00 USD per kg

   5.1 kg and more - 13.00 USD per kg

The minimum chargeable weight is 0.5 kg, therefore the minimum value of any parcel delivery is 7.50 USD.

The delivery weight is rounded to 0.1 kg towards the higher value.

The the minimum tariff for the delivery of mobile phones, tablets, and kindles – 15.00 USD / pcs. In case if the volume weight of the parcel is more than 1.0 kg the delivery cost increases according to the general tariff grid.

Additional services:

  • "Repackaging" - free of charge (upon request);
  • "Insurance" - 2.5% of the declared value of the goods (optional);
  • "Photo" - 2 USD/ pcs. (optional);
  • “Additional package” – 3 USD / pcs. (optional); Gift
  • "Verification" - 5 USD/ pcs. (optional);
  • "Separation" - 10 USD/ pcs. (optional);
  • "Buying out" - 15% of the order value.
  • The amount of customs duties in case they arise, are not included in the total invoice for transportation.
  • The cost of courier delivery within Bosnia and Herzegovina is not included in the total invoice for transportation.

Please note that when calculating the cost of delivery, we consider both the physical weight of the parcel and the volumetric weight.

The volumetric weight of the parcel is calculated according to the following formula: length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 6000 = Volumetric weight of the parcel (kg)

The chargeable weight of the parcel is the higher one.

In case if the optional service “Repackaging” is ordered, the volumetric weight is not taken into account.

For calculating the indicative cost of delivery, please use the calculator.

The total shipping cost of the parcel from the USA to Bosnia and Herzegovina is displayed in the total invoice upon arrival of the parcels to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How does it work?

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1 000 000

Parcels delivered



95 %

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Contact Us
  • Sarajevo, str. Terezija bb, Centar Skenderija, Privredni Grad (pp. 89-90)
  • 387 61 977 833
  • info-ba@pesoto.com
  • Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00 (Break: 13:30 - 14:00)
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