Warehouse services

The Pesoto warehouse in USA doesn't only perform tasks of storing your parcels and sending them to your destination. According to the experience of the organization of deliveries, we realized that the clients can have all kinds of requirements, so we have developed a number of useful services that make working with Pesoto more convenient and profitable. For example, repacking of parcels allows to reduce the weight and dimensions of the parcel, and consequently, reduces the cost of delivery. The service of verification of equipment or photographing the parcel will provide an opportunity to identify the shortcomings of the goods and return the goods to the seller, without waiting for the arrival of the parcel to BIH.

Additional warehouse services offered by Pesoto:

Insurance – 2,5 % of the total value of goods (on demand) - in case  that the goods are lost, damaged, or destroyed during delivery from our warehouse in the USA to BiH, we will compensate the full declared value of the package.

Repackaging - free of charge (optional) - the ordered goods are taken from the package and transferred to a special mail package.

Photo - 3 USD / pcs. (optional) - the product is taken from the packaging and photographed.

Verification - 10 USD / pcs. (optional) - when ordering equipment, we can check whether the store delivered serviceable equipment and check if it works.

Gift - free of charge (optional) - parcel is packed in an additional box or bag.

Separation - 10 USD / pcs. (optional) - the indicated goods from the parcel are distributed in separate parcels.

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